Super Eco Bricks are compressed chemically stabilized un-burnt hollow/solid bricks. Each brick has high density and  weighs between 2.3 to 2.5 kg and has a standard size of 230mm X 110 mm X 53 mm.


  1. There’s no need for fossil fuel, farm land soil, child labor or animal cruelty.
  2. These are water resistant therefore no need for exterior plaster.
  3.  Bricks come pre-colored so there’s no need for painting of exterior walls.
  4. Strengthens with age (freeze thaw test conducted by JIS, 30 cycles)
  5. High strength, light weight and even size.
  6. Sound dampening and temperature insulating properties.
  7. Faster layering of bricks.
  8. Overall high cost saving during construction.
  9. Less mortar required for laying bricks
  10. Excellent bonding with cement mortar.


  1. Less breakage
  2. Higher compressive strength above 10N/mm2
  3. Higher resistance to salinity and water seepage.
  4. No efflorescence/no salt-pitting tendencies.


  1. Wastage component lower at site.
  2. Lesser bricks-consumption because of regular full sizes.
  3. Lesser cement mortar consumption because of thinner joints.
  4. No plastering needed due to water resistant properties.
  5. Mason can lay 1.5 more bricks due to its light nature and thus lower labor cost.
  6. No painting required for exterior surface.
  7. Saving of NRs 100 per sq.ft due to material and labor saving


Physical Dimensions

  • Dimension = 230 mm X 110 mm X 53 mm
  • Smooth surface
  • Uniform size
  • Can be made available in perforations up to 30%


Brick Characteristics

  • Water resistant
  • Sound dampening
  • Temperature insulation
  • Better bonding